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Social Media in Chicago - Cultural DiversityMigration Social is a newly created social community for immigrants who have come to the Chicagoland area. This website was built for those, who seek support in finding like-minded compatriots.
Starting all over again is in no way easy, especially when it comes to building up a new circle of friends. Facebook may help one to keep in touch with people they already know, but it does not allow them to find individuals who are in the same situation as them: being a newbie - a foreigner, having to find their way not only in a different city, but a complete different culture, often missing the safety of their own cultural roots. Other websites like Meetup give the opportunity to discover local groups which share the same interests or nationality. However, some people will find it difficult and intimidating to meetup in person with a large group they are not familiar with, especially when there is no way to get to know the participants under comfortable circumstances in advance.


Migration Social provides casual networking conditions by combining the benefits of both a social media website and a forum. Our members can easily look for other users with the same national background near their location through our criteria search or by browsing through the forum. They get the chance to connect, communicate, and finally unite with people of their cultural community, without having to put themselves into uncomfortable situations. Members can invite and add friends, upload and share photos and videos, form and join groups, and create and participate in events. While the forum creates a solid basis to make new friends, it also serves as a source for advice on common issues that come along with immigration, such as visa/green card processes, job search, education opportunities, or socializing. In order to keep this community a friendly and respectable environment, we will not tolerate any kind of inappropriate behavior.



We are actively seeking to expand our outreach to various cultural centers and associations in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, to offer our members a broad range of possibilities to get involved with their country's representatives. In the future we plan to expand Migration Social to other cities in the United States. If you are part of a cultural center or association and would like to promote with us, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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